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“Yuzu Ramen” (ยูซุ ราเมน) was born out of fascination of the tenderness of the Japanese culinary culture which is full of meticulousness to every detail, expressed through a simple menu of delicious soup but yet filled with attentiveness to detail that has made the “ramen” become a part of the Japanese food icon which has been part of their culinary culture since the 19th century.
Many years ago, our Chef-owner traveled around the world searching for secret recipes of great tasting menus at various restaurants and one day he found it; “Ramen”, he felt so passionate about it that he decided to pursue the art of making ramen in Japan. With all his efforts and experience acquired inspired him to open the first ramen restaurant and serving “Yuzu Orange” soup (from the Japanese town of Miyazaki) as the restaurants’ signature dish. Japanese people believe that Yuzu orange will make every menu complete with its zesty flavor and many of its benefits.
To differentiate our ramen from others, we blended the Authentic Japanese Ramen that is filled with the spirit of being Japanese with the Thai eating culture that is rich, spicy and flavorful, making our ramen unique like no other. We are ready to revolutionize the ramen as you know it by blending the eating culture with the unique flavors from around the world that has been tested and tried over and over again to perfection before it becomes the ramen dish for you to taste and experience that is delicious, new and different!

Let life be full of orange and flavors at “Yuzu Ramen”

The secret to every delicious bowl of ramen is from simmering the soup for many hours to get that rich flavor out, cooked with premium quality ingredients such as “Truffles” and “champignon mushrooms” imported from France. We also created 3 tender levels of ramen noodles for customers to choose from, apart from that almost every ingredients in the restaurant was made by our chef; from our Sasu (secret recipe, signature) sauce to garnishes on the restaurant dinner table for customers to experience the taste that is different and even more, customers can also select the degree of spiciness with every bowl of their ramen they order.




in Thailand

The new icon of ramen restaurant in Thailand

“Yuzu Ramen” first restaurant is at Siam Square Soi 3, right in the middle of Bangkok’s famous shopping district, easily spotted by the huge 3D ‘Maneki Neko’ cat (waving cat) frontage sign. The design within the restaurant is a mixture of 2 cultures reflecting the street life, the walls are decorated with Brooklyn (USA) style graffiti mixed with patterns and colors that is unique to Japan, while the tables at each corner reflects the Japanese street life.

With its unique design and notable taste of its ramen that cannot be compared to others has made Yuzu Ramen renown to tourists and locals alike so fast that it created a phenomenon of people lining up just to experience the deliciousness with just a couple of weeks of opening. And that’s why Yuzu Ramen has become the new icon of Bangkok together with the title of “The Best Ramen in Bangkok”.

With this success, we have decided to open our second branch at “Icon Siam”, a new landmark of Bangkok. Besides that; we are ready to expand at least 10 more branches by 2020 so that our ramen will be recognized as the icon of ramen specialist in Thailand. With belief in varieties and respecting creativity, it is why we are searching for partners who are ready to grow together and determine to create new experiences and excitements for our customers continuously.

ゆずラーメン          幸福感.感動的な
As we believe that “joy” and “impressiveness” of our customers is our vital mission, we are encouraged to continuously develop new tasting experience and provide life full of flavors for our customers that can only be found at “Yuzu Ramen”.